TURKEY 2014 | Vlog

Hi! I'm back from Turkey and I must say it was pretty awesome. 

Me and my family arrived to Antalya, Turkey around 4pm and our tour guide took us to the hotel.

We checked in Ambassador Hotel. The hotel itself was great and the staff was sooo kind. It made our time in Kemer really pleasant. Beach was just across the street so that was really convenient too. 

All we did was sleep, eat and enjoy the sea and a pool.
 There were days where the temperature was like 39Celsius, so it was almost impossible to do anything else really. I would be outside just for like 5 minutes I was drenching with sweat (sounds gross I know, but really:D) 
At night when it was little more bearable we would go out and explore nighlife in Kemer. The centrum was only 5 minutes by foot. We went shopping, to shisha, cafes etc. 

It was probably the best holiday I've ever been to. 

I made a vlog while I was there. So please watch it here: VLOG from TURKEY

Also prepared a "OOTD" post for you, so stay tuned.

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