NEW IN: Smile bag & little black heels

If you're student like me and just can't afford buying 1,380$ (aprox. 27 600Kč) bag, but you still fell in love with Céline Smile Leather Bags (http://www.celine.com/), you can buy originals at cheap price here (http://www.usceline.com/). 
 AND! If still don't want to pay 400$ for a bag and don't mind not having an original and you will be satisfied with just style inspired piece, you can buy this product on ebay like me. And no, as long as the bag doesn't say Céline on it, it's not fake piece. (Watch a video about ut here: (Fake VS Inspired Fashion
I'm not really interested in buying fake products for cheaper price, but this is great alternative if you love the style of the bag and you just can't afford it:) 

Link to ebay.com: 

The bag itself costs only 27$ (540Kč). In my opinion it's a good quality bag. It looks amazing and I love it!

To the shoes, I've been wanting these for like a year. But I never got myself to buy them. So I bought them cheap on ebay too.
Suede material, the heels isn't that high and thin, so I can wear them on casual days without killing myself. Haha. They sure aren't that comfortable as more expensive shoes, but it's not like you can't walk in them. You just have to wear some thick socks and break them in:)
Price: 23$ (450Kč) FREE SHIPPING!
Link to them here: Suede High Heels with Strap

Let me know, if you have those too or if you're planning on buying these. Have a lovely chic day. Janiie x


  1. Kabelka má moc pěkný tvar ! :) Po podobné se teď sháním.
    Ovšem ty boty jsou úžasné !!!


  2. Ty boty :O Krásný


  3. botičky sú krásne!
    aj kabelka je super!

    Kejmy ♥.

  4. ooh presne také boty potrebujem, hneď! :D

  5. Úžasné! jak boty, tak kabelka se mi neuvěřitelně líbí!

  6. Dvě dokonalé věci!Jak boty tak taška ;)


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